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Board of Health Minutes 04/26/2010

April 26, 2010

A meeting of the Sharon Board of Health was held on Monday, April 26, 2010, beginning at 7:30 PM at the Sharon Town Office Building.  In attendance were Andy Stead, Chair; Stanley Rosen, Vice-Chair; Ed Welch, Suzi Peck; and Jay Schwab. Also present was Jim Andrews, Health Agent for Engineering.

Stan Rosen requested an update of funds expended for the current fiscal year through Region 4A - H1N1 funds.

Re-establishment of dog ban on Town Beaches - Lake Massapoag
Following a brief discussion, the Board tabled this discussion.

Appointment: 1245 General Edwards Highway
Rick Merriken, P.E., was present to present plans for a change in use for 1245 General Edwards Highway (the former Mattress Discounters building).  In fall 2009 the Town Meeting changed zoning regulations to allow for expanded use at this location.  New tenants will provide “jumpy-houses” for kids and one on one baseball batting practice. Paul Stanton, proponent of “Jumptracks” was present.  Mr. Merriken provided estimates of water usage for the facility. A party room will be provided for serving of ice cream, food to be prepared on the premises.  Suzi Peck suggested that more information be provided on the septic usage of the entire facility.  The proposal is scheduled before the ZBA on April 28. The applicant had preliminary discussion with the Conservation Commission.  
VOTED: (Peck/Welch) unanimously that the proposal as stated in the letter from Richard F. Merriken, P.E., dated April 26, 2010 does not appear to increase design flow, and, therefore, the septic system does not require any change. Should there be any future change in use, the applicant must return to the Health Agent for Engineering to ensure that the design flow is not exceeded.  Water records must be maintained and presented for the first year of operation.         
Sharon Middle School septic discussion
Present: Ken Wertz, Maintenance and Operations of Sharon Public Schools, and Christopher Garcia, P.E., of Garcia, Galuska, and Desousa  on behalf of the proposed Sharon Middle School (SMS)  septic project.  Ken Wertz provided an update on maintenance of chemicals at SMS.  Andy Stead updated the board on his discussion with Jeff Gould of DEP re the project. Suzi Peck suggested that a fund should be set aside in case of emergencies related to the system. Ken Wertz stated that some money of the operating budget is set aside each year for such contingencies. Andy Stead noted that, following installation, pressure testing will be conducted for each segment of pipe. Discussion re tight tank vs. acid neutralization tank took place; applicant will provide information prior to May 10th BOH meeting.

Rain Garden at Unitarian Church
The Board reviewed memos from Jim Andrews and Bill Iannucci, as well as concerns of neighbors, about the rain garden at the Unitarian Church.  Per Jim Andrews....once plantings are completed, there will be less standing water; at this point there is very little standing water...even without the plants.  

Minutes of meeting
VOTED: (Stead/Schwab)Stead, Schwab, and Peck voted in the affirmative; Rosen and Welch recused themselves, to accept the minutes, as amended, of the meeting of April 12, 2010.  

Discussion re minutes:  Andy Stead stated that the public health nurse job responsibilities were left rather fluid for the time being. He further stated that demands of the entire emergency planning issue need to be reviewed.  Suzi Peck stated that a plan for the health department should be developed. Stan Rosen suggested he would like additional information on the mentoring program.  Suzi Peck suggested that neighborhood and residential associations should be included in the list of semi-public bathing beaches.

Discussion re I/A systems
The Board reviewed information provided by Andy Stead on existing systems, as well as a proposed revised policy on testing.  His proposal is to now standardize testing with DEP requirements for  single family homes, multi-family homes, and commercial facilities. Discussion to be continued at next meeting; members to bring all documents related to this discussion to the next meeting.

Associate BOH Members
Andy Stead proposed that BOH establish additional non-voting associate members of the BOH, as is currently done in Walpole. He felt it is a logical way to have people up-to-speed as, potentially, future BOH members.
Stan Rosen asked: who would appoint these non-voting members, e.g., the BOH?; whether they would appoint for a term or serve at the pleasure of the Board.  Jay Schwab suggested these members have some particular expertise.  Andy Stead will present this idea to the Selectmen for their thoughts.

Decision on lab testing: Lake season 2010
VOTED: (Stead/Rosen) unanimously to award the lake testing bid to Lapuck Laboratories because the prices are comparable to the other bidding laboratory, and the BOH has been satisfied with Lapuck Laboratory’s performance.

Discussion of Disposal of Household Medication and Sharps
Following discussion with Sheila Miller, Andy Stead proposed changes in the BOH-sponsored collection of household medications.  Sheila Miller will be asked to attend the next meeting to discuss changes in laws related to medication disposal (hazardous waste; DEA-controlled substances, etc.). Law enforcement now required to be present at time of collection for DEA controlled and/or hazardous waste substances..

VOTED: (Schwab/Rosen) unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:32 P.M.