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Board of Health Minutes 05/10/2010

May 10, 2010

A meeting of the Sharon Board of Health was held on Monday, May 10, 2010, beginning at 7:30 PM at the Sharon Town Office Building.  In attendance were Andy Stead, Chair; Stanley Rosen, Vice-Chair; Ed Welch, Suzi Peck; and Jay Schwab. Also present was Jim Andrews, Health Agent for Engineering.

Hearing: to establish fees for semi-public and public bathing beaches
Per new requirement of Department of Public Health....fee proposed by DPH of $150 per beach. Discussion took place of private vs. semi-public beaches. It was determined to ask DPH for an interpretation...and, if it is determined by DPH that these regulations apply to the beaches always considered private by the town, to forego licensing these beaches until next year.  

VOTED: (Stead/Rosen) to establish a fee of $150 for permits to operate a public or semi-public bathing beach in Sharon.  These permits will apply to the two town beaches, the camps in town, and the Massapoag Yacht Club; Fees for the 2 town beaches will be waived

Household Medical Waste Pickup

Sheila Miller was present to discuss pickup of household medical waste.  Federal and state regulations have changed.  Police and/or pharmacists must be in attendance.  Sheila suggested having a  pickup available year-long at the police station. Stan Rosen raised the issue of who would pay for removal.  Stan Rosen suggested providing information to residents on how to properly dispose of medications, rather than getting into the expense of a medication take-back issue.  Suzi Peck noted that proper disposal into the trash..which goes to SEMASS.... is the safest method of disposal.
Educational program was discussed. The town of Winchester conducted a very successful pharmaceutical take-back program...utilizing a $4000 grant.  The Board agreed to embark upon an educational program, and to discontinue the annual medication take-back program. Sheila Miller will review and adapt the brochure prepared by the students..combining elements from the DEP flier....and will provide for the BOH review.  She will also discuss the issue with Officer Hocking, the school resource officer.

Continued discussion regarding Sharon Middle School
Chris Garcia, of Garcia, Galuska, and Desousa, was present...and provided additional information on the proposal, per request of the BOH. Andy Stead stated that the Board will prepare a list of conditions before authorizing Jim Andrews to issue the the next meeting.

Minutes of meeting of April 26
VOTED: (Welch/Peck) unanimously to accept the minutes of the meeting of April 26th, as amended.

Continued discussion of I/A testing/inspection requirements
The proposed change to mirror DEP standards is for single family homes. Suzi Peck suggested modifying the proposed change for the first year.  Nitrogen Sensitive Areas would include Zone II, per DEP. The BOH agreed to also include the groundwater protection district in this definition.

For multi-family or commercial properties (non single family) was suggested to use the DEP requirements, which are more strict. Andy will incorporate the comments from this meeting and present at the next meeting. Monitoring system will be discussed.

Food Service Permit for Sharon Community Center
Stan Rosen stated that the community center must have a food service manager if food is to be served.  Suzi Peck agreed with the proposed compromise (which is the current process) to license the facility specifying that all functions must be supervised by a licensed caterer.  Stan Rosen stated that public health not best served by making such an accommodation.  It was agreed to send a letter to the Recreation Director, with copies to the Selectmen and the Town Administrator, asking that they attend the next Board of Health meeting to discuss this issue.

Re-Institute Dog Ban on Town Beaches
Following further discussion:
Voted: (Peck/ Welch)Rosen, Peck, Welch, and Schwab voted in the affirmative....Stead abstained... to recommend to the Board of Selectmen as Park Commissioners that dogs be banned from the town beaches between Patriots Day and Columbus Day.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.